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Prenatal Diagnostic Unit, Women's Hospital

  • prenatal diagnostics
  • ultrasound examination
  • Women’s Hospital

Opening hours and contact information

Visiting address

Women's Hospital
Haartmaninkatu 2

Postal address

P.O. Box 140
00029 HUS
Mon–Fri 7:30–15:15
Mon–Fri 8:00–15:00

At the Prenatal Diagnostic Unit, we examine and treat mothers whose fetuses have been detected in an ultrasound examination to have an abnormality. We also examine fetuses when the pregnant woman or her family member has previously been diagnosed with a hereditary disease or chromosomal aberration.

We coordinate the planning of high-risk pregnancies, prenatal diagnostics, intrauterine care and the treatment of deliveries requiring special expertise. Concentrating the diagnosis and treatment of rare fetal disorders improves the prognosis of the pregnancy and the newborn.

After childbirth, we cooperate with New Children's Hospital in the examination and treatment of neonatal structural abnormalities. Most congenital abnormalities are treatable after birth. In some cases, it is possible to treat an abnormality already during the fetal period. 

Please register using a self-registration kiosk in the entrance lobby when arriving for your appointment at the outpatient clinic.



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