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Maternity Outpatient Clinic, Women's Hospital

  • pregnancy
  • gestational diabetes
  • fear of childbirth

In the Maternity Outpatient Clinic at Women's Hospital, we monitor high-risk pregnancies.

For treatment, you need a referral from a prenatal clinic physician, private physician or public health nurse. Based on the referral, we assess the need and urgency of treatment. You will be informed of the appointment by letter or telephone.

We will send an invitation letter to the early pregnancy ultrasound examination based on the background information we have received from the prenatal clinic. We conduct examinations in the Prenatal Screening Unit on Bulevardi (Bulevardi 22, Helsinki). 

Appointments in the Maternity Outpatient Clinic at Women's Hospital:

  • appointments with an obstetrician and a midwife
  • diabetics
  • patients with fear of childbirth
  • patients with substance-abuse problems

Please register using the self-registration kiosk in the entrance lobby when arriving for your appointment at the outpatient clinic.