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The Women's Hospital is a hospital focused on the demanding specialist medical care of women and newborns. At Women's Hospital, we also treat the most high-risk pregnancies and extremely preterm births in the HUS area. We are the largest maternity hospital in HUS area, and also in Finland.

The Women's Hospital cafeteria

The Women's Hospital cafeteria is located in the hospital's entrance lobby on the 2nd floor.

Opening hours

Mon–Fri 8 am – 3 pm


Emergency Department, Women's Hospital

In the Emergency Department of the Women's Hospital, we treat women who are pregnant, have just given birth or have a gynecological problem and are in need…

Labor Ward, Women's Hospital

In addition to the normal deliveries, the labor ward at Women's Hospital treats the most high-risk deliveries and extremely preterm births in the HUS area.

Ward 52 (pregnancy monitoring and postpartum), Women's Hospital

On Women's Hospital ward 52, we treat pregnant women and mothers and newborns after childbirth. Our ward also has outpatient clinic activities.

Maternity Ward 61, Women's Hospital

On Women's Hospital's Maternity Ward 61 we treat women who have given birth and newborns after childbirth. We also provide guidance on caring for the baby…


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