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Visiting instructions

  • Surgical Hospital
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  • Visiting instructions

The Surgical Hospital is located in the Kaartinkaupunki district in Helsinki.

Kirurgisen sairaalan sisäänkäynti

Visiting address

Kasarmikatu 11-13
00029 Helsinki​

Arrival instructions

Access to the hospital entrances is from Kasarmikatu, through the courtyard. Our main entrance and U entrance are on the Kasarmikatu side and are accessed by entering through the main vehicle gate and crossing the courtyard.

There is a steep longitudinal slope on the access route to the main entrance (8%). The sloped section is long, and there are no intermediate landings. From the opposite direction, the access route is very steep (almost 19% at its steepest). The access route is kept free of ice and snow in winter. The entrance has a hinged door that opens automatically, activated by a motion sensor.

The U entrance is at the edge of the courtyard on the Kasarmikatu side; there are no major elevation changes along the access route between the street and the entrance. There is an automatic door at the entrance.

The entrance to the Dialysis Department is on the park side of the hospital and is accessed through the vehicle gate at the corner of Kasarmikatu and Tarkk’ampujankatu, across the courtyard. The access route slopes slightly upwards, but the asphalt surface is even and access is easy, even with a wheeled assistive device. The entrance to the Dialysis Department is adjacent to the delivery bay (loading bay), because of which there is a considerable elevation difference, with steps and a ramp leading to the entrance level.

The elevators in the hospital are dimensioned so that they can accommodate users of wheeled assistive devices.