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Dialysis Teaching Center, Surgical Hospital

At the Dialysis Teaching Center, we train dialysis patients for use of home dialysis methods and for visiting the outsourced hemodialysis satellite units.

Opening hours and contact information

The activities of the Dialysis Teaching Center are handled by our personnel who are well-trained in dialysis treatment. Relatives are welcome to visit and learn more about our ward and dialysis. Visiting hours by agreement. Our Dialysis Teaching Center's home-care activities, home hemodialysis training unit and peritoneal dialysis unit are located at Meilahti Triangle Hospital, and the Dialysis Training Unit at the Surgical Hospital. 

Home Hemodialysis Unit

In the Home Hemodialysis Unit, we train our patients to perform their hemodialysis treatment at home and we see to their follow-up treatment. We also offer home hemodialysis training and emergency services to other central hospital districts. Our unit is open from Monday to Friday.

Peritoneal Dialysis Unit

In the Peritoneal Dialysis Unit, we are responsible for providing introductory training to patients, and for the organization, planning, practical implementation, and monitoring of the treatment of peritoneal dialysis patients. If the patient needs examination or treatment in another hospital or treatment facility, our unit will coordinate the implementation of the dialysis treatment. Our personnel trains home nurses, family members, and health center personnel to implement treatment when the patient is unable to perform dialysis on their own. Our unit is open from Monday to Friday.

Dialysis Training Unit

In the Dialysis Training Unit, we treat patients with chronic renal failure. We provide treatment three times a week and it takes approximately 4–5 hours at a time. The Dialysis Training Unit is responsible for teaching patients how to perform hemodialysis independently. After the training, the patient has the opportunity to switch to visiting a dialysis satellite unit. Our ward has a total of 10 dialysis beds for use in two shifts. Our unit operates on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 



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