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Dermatology Outpatient Center, Skin and Allergy Hospital

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In addition to the initiation and monitoring of biological drug therapies (e.g. intravenous therapies), the treatment of the most difficult atopic and psoriasis patients has been centralized in the Skin and Allergy Hospital's Dermatology Outpatient Center.

Our Dermatology Outpatient Center houses the offices of three dermatologists. 

At the Dermatology Outpatient Center, we provide various UV phototherapies (UVAB, UVB, UVA1, and PUVA) and conduct photo-patch tests. Phototherapy or light therapy is usually provided as a series of treatments two to three times a week in treatments periods of 15–25 sessions.

New patients are given treatment advice by the psoriasis nurse and some patients visit the nurse after a phototherapy or topical treatment period for treatment follow up.


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