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Department of Clinical Genetics, Skin and Allergy Hospital

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In the Department of Clinical Genetics, we treat patients who are suspected of having a hereditary disease, investigate diseases being inherited in the family and provide counseling. Our department is located in the Skin and Allergy Hospital.


Treatment with us primarily requires a referral. In certain cases, you can contact us directly. We treat both children and adults.

Depending on the matter, we will arrange a telephone call, a video appointment, or a regular appointment. Please see the frequently asked questions for more information on handling your matter, and preparing for the appointment.  The questions have been divided according to the reason why you have sought treatment.

Your physician may suggest chromosome or genetic tests, which we usually do from blood samples.

Our medical geneticists also conduct ward consultations if necessary. A medical geneticist from the Department of Clinical Genetics also works in cooperation with perinatologists at the Prenatal Diagnostic Unit of the HUS Women's Hospital.

Arriving at our department

The unit is located on the 5th floor of the Skin and Allergy Hospital. Please arrive at the outpatient clinic’s waiting room approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Your personal information will be checked when you register. Please bring with you your Kela card and proof of identity, and if your child is the patient, also the child’s health clinic card (neuvolakortti).

Please reserve 1 to 2 hours for your appointment and the possible related examinations.

If you have been requested, or you receive a request, to give a blood sample for genetic testing, you can have it taken at any of the HUSLAB sample collection sites. You do not need to fast for the test, and you can have the sample taken with or without appointment.

Cancelling or rescheduling an appointment

If the appointment scheduled for you is not suitable, please telephone us as soon as possible or at least a week before the appointment. You can change a scheduled appointment only once for a valid reason.

Pediatric patients

Persons seeking evaluation due to their own cancer or cancer cases occurring in the family

You are waiting for an appointment at the Department of Clinical Genetics, either because of your own cancer diagnosis or cancer cases occurring in the family. Below are frequently asked questions from patients who have been requested to have an assessment of the possibility of hereditary cancer susceptibility.

Adult patients: questions related to other matters than cancer

Persons seeking treatment during pregnancy

Genetic counseling related to a current pregnancy is provided at the Fetomaternal Medical Center, which operates in connection with the HUS Women's Hospital. The center has a medical geneticist present every day


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