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Skin and Allergy Hospital

Meilahdentie 2, Helsinki
Info desk:
09 471 86355

At Skin and Allergy Hospital, we provide specialist medical care in allergies, skin diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, and sleep medicine.

Our operations are focused on outpatient and day ward care, but our hospital also has a dermatology inpatient ward for adults.

We do not offer emergency services, but on weekdays we treat urgent patients arriving on the basis of an emergency referral on our day wards.


Venereal Diseases Outpatient Clinic, Skin and Allergy Hospital

At the Venereal Diseases Outpatient Clinic, we examine and treat people with sexually transmitted diseases.

Physiotherapists, Skin and Allergy Hospital

In the Physiotherapy Unit at the Skin and Allergy Hospital, we provide physiotherapy services to patients in the hospital’s outpatient clinic and on the…

Allergen Laboratory, Skin and Allergy Hospital

Our Allergen Laboratory at the Meilahti Skin and Allergy Hospital serves patients nationally.

Pediatric Unit, Skin and Allergy Hospital

The Pediatric Unit of the Skin and Allergy Hospital treats atopic eczemas in children of all ages, in addition to food allergies, asthma and other allergic…


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