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Västra Nyland Hospital Museum

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Contact information

Visiting address

Raseborg Hospital
Östra Strandgatan 9

Postal address

P.O. Box 1020
00029 HUS

Opening hours

The Museum is open on order.

Museum bookings

Christel Lindholm, Office Secretary, Raseborg Hospital

Phone, Christel Lindholm, Office Secretary, Raseborg Hospital: 019 224 2285

The Västra Nyland Hospital Museum operates on the ground floor of Raseborg Hospital. The exhibition sheds light on the development of hospital operations in Ekenäs from the beginning of the 20th century to the 21st century. The museum presents the operations of Västra Nyland Hospital, the current Raseborg Hospital, by department. The museum has stored material, for example, from the maternity ward that was closed down in 2010.

The museum was founded in 1993. The exhibition is organized by theme into sections, such as the internal medicine clinic, surgical unit, laboratory, nutritional center, first aid, pediatric ward, and maternity ward. More life is breathed into the exhibition by mannequins portraying the people who work or have previously worked in the hospital. The collection includes staff uniforms, hospital furniture and kitchenware, as well as an extensive range of equipment needed in examinations and treatment.



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