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Ward P9, Psychiatry Center

  • acute psychiatry

Contact information

Visiting address

Psychiatry Center
Välskärinkatu 12, 9th floor

Postal address

P.O. Box 590
00029 HUS

Visiting hours

Sun 13:00–18:00
Mon–Fri 13:00–19:00
Sat 13:00–18:00

Ward P9 at the Psychiatry Center is a closed psychiatric ward.

Our ward is a closed ward for treating patients requiring a special level of demanding psychiatric care, including:

  • people with mood disorders, especially patients who are seriously depressed
  • patients with first-episode psychosis
  • mothers with postpartum depression
  • patients on the somatic wards of the Helsinki University Hospitals in Helsinki requiring psychiatric care
  • patients belonging to health care sector personnel
  • particularly demanding patients undergoing evaluation of their working capacity and in need of ward monitoring
  • neuropsychiatric patients requiring ward monitoring
  • patients suffering from particularly problematic somatoform disorders
  • examination and treatment of deaf and profoundly hearing impaired psychiatric patients on the ward
  • foreign patients in need of psychiatric care



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