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Ward P6, Psychiatry Center

  • addiction psychiatry

Contact information

Visiting address

Psychiatry Center
Välskärinkatu 12, 6th floor

Postal address

P.O. Box 590
00029 HUS

Visiting hours

Sun 13:00–18:00
Mon–Fri 13:00–19:00
Sat 13:00–18:00

Ward 6 at the Psychiatry Center is an addiction psychiatry ward.

On the Addiction Psychiatry Ward, we conduct psychiatric and substance abuse assessments requiring special expertise and perform demanding differential diagnostic evaluations when you are suspected of having a serious psychiatric disorder alongside an addiction disease.

In addition, we conduct assessments of the need for opioid substitution treatment, psychiatric examinations during pregnancy, and rehabilitation treatment requiring special expertise.

We also conduct evaluations during pregnancy and the need for opioid substitution treatment, as well as neuropsychiatric studies and work ability assessments, when the subject has severe substance dependence.

Treatment on the ward requires a referral.



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