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Psychiatry Center

Välskärinkatu 12, Helsinki
09 4711

The Psychiatry Center is a psychiatric hospital.

The Psychiatry Center (formerly Hesperia Hospital) houses HUS Psychiatry outpatient clinics and wards as well as teaching operations of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Helsinki.


Ward P1, Kivelä Hospital

Kivelä Hospital’s Ward P1 is a geropsychiatric ward

Ward P2 (geropsychiatry), Psychiatry Center

Ward P2 at the Psychiatry Center is a geropsychiatric ward.

Ward P3 (geropsychiatry), Psychiatry Center

Ward P3 at the Psychiatry Center is a geropsychiatric ward for examination and treatment.

Neuropsychiatry Ward P5, Psychiatry Center

Ward P5 at the Psychiatry Center is an adult psychiatric examination and treatment ward specialized in the treatment of patients with neuropsychiatric and…


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