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Surgical Ward, LEIKO and Day Surgery Unit, Porvoo Hospital

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Opening hours and contact information

Visiting address

Porvoo Hospital, 2nd floor
Sairaalantie 1

Postal address

P.O. Box 500
06151 Porvoo
Mon–Sat 8:00–22:00

Appointment and referral inquiries, cancellations, medical advice

Mon–Fri 8:00–13:00

On the Surgical Ward of Porvoo Hospital, we perform general surgery, gastrosurgical, orthopedic, urological, plastic surgery, and oral, nose and throat procedures. 

The children arriving for a surgical procedure with us come through the Day Surgery Unit or the Pediatric Unit. As an adult patient, you will arrive for preparations for surgery with us from the LEIKO unit (into surgery from home) or from an inpatient ward. 

If you have been scheduled for a day surgery procedure, you will be discharged on the day of the procedure. The Day Surgery Unit of Porvoo Hospital has color-coded guidance markings from the main entrance. We ask that you have a person picking you up at the agreed time. Other surgical patients will be transferred to an inpatient ward for further care. 


The LEIKO model at Porvoo Hospital is an operating model in which we will admit you on the morning of the surgical procedure at the hospital's LEIKO unit at a predetermined time. You will prepare for surgery at home in accordance with instructions provided to you over the phone or during a preliminary appointment. 
After the preliminary preparations on the day of surgery, you will wait for your scheduled procedure in the LEIKO unit.



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