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Psychiatric Ward, Porvoo Hospital

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The Porvoo Psychiatric Ward operates as the clinic and inpatient ward for patients who have fallen ill acutely with a mental illness and are in immediate need of treatment.

We plan, implement and evaluate your treatment together with you. We will also meet with your local network if needed. Your treatment will consist of discussions with your primary nurse and physician as well as pharmacological treatment. After your stay at the inpatient ward, the necessary follow-up treatment will be arranged for you, for example, at a psychiatric outpatient clinic or enhanced outpatient care, in care services for alcohol and drug abusers, or at occupational health care or primary health care services. If you need a longer period of inpatient care, we can refer you to further treatment either at Kellokoski Hospital or at the Psychiatry Center. We work closely with enhanced outpatient care in psychiatry.


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