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Ward K1 Urology, Peijas Hospital

  • urology

We treat urological patients at Peijas Hospital’s Ward K1. Our ward is divided into two sections, K1A and K1B, and we have a total of 40 patient beds at our disposal.

Lääkäri keskustelee potilaan kanssa.

Your ward treatment is planned and implemented by urology specialists, physicians specializing in urology, and medical staff specialized in the treatment of urological diseases. Instruction provided by physiotherapists is also available for your rehabilitation. Consultations in other specialties are available as required.

Annually, 3,900 ward treatment periods are implemented on our ward. Of this treatment, 65% is provided for elective surgical patients and 35% for emergency care patients. The average stay on the ward is 2.3 days.

The most common procedures we perform are treatments for prostate hyperplasia and prostate cancer.

Kidney and bladder cancer surgery is performed on patients from the entire HUS Specific Catchment Area, and reshaping of the urinary tract and rarer urological surgeries are performed for patients from all around Finland.

Our Ward K1 is Finland's largest urological inpatient ward. In the hands of our professionals, your treatment will be safe and effective.


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