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Speech therapists, Peijas Hospital

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  • Peijas Hospital

Contact information

Visiting address

​Peijas Hospital
Sairaalakatu 1

2nd floor

Postal address

P.O. Box 900
00029 HUS

Ajanvaraus, neurologian poliklinikan toimisto

Phone, Ajanvaraus, neurologian poliklinikan toimisto : 09 471 67345
Mon–Thu 10:00–12:00
Fri 9:00–10:00

In speech therapy for adults at Peijas Hospital, we rehabilitate and examine the speech, language, voice and swallowing disorders in adult patients on the wards. Appointments in the unit require a referral from a specialist physician and a booked appointment.

In addition to the examinations on the ward, we carry out outpatient assessments and arrange limited rehabilitation or guidance, e.g., for patients in the neurology and pulmonary outpatient clinics in the Vantaa and Kerava areas.

We also offer consultation services for the Rekola respiratory paralysis unit.