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Venous Surgery Outpatient Clinic, Park Hospital

  • Park Hospital
  • venous surgery
  • ambulatory surgery

At Park Hospital’s Venous Surgery Outpatient Clinic, we provide diagnostics, care and treatment planning for venous insufficiency.

Hoitaja mittaa potilaan verensokeria

We diagnose venous insufficiency and make treatment plans daily in two rooms. We treat venous surgery patients in the operating room two days a week. Three days a week, the operating rooms offer the possibility for general anesthesia. On two days a week, the procedures are outpatient care, i.e. available by appointment. 

During the appointment, we review the symptoms, cause, diagnosis, and the classification of the severity of the disorder, and assess the need for invasive treatment. At our outpatient clinic and surgery unit, we treat varying degrees of venous insufficiency, most often with radiofrequency ablation. Our operations are ambulatory surgery: you will arrive at the hospital in the morning for the procedure and will be able to go home about an hour after the procedure.


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