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Speech therapists, New Children's Hospital

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The work of speech therapists at New Children's Hospital focuses on performing functional capacity evaluations for children and adolescents and guiding the adults in the child’s/adolescent’s life.


Speech therapy is medical rehabilitation that aims at preventing, alleviating, and removing disorders related to speech, language, interaction, communication, swallowing, eating and other problems related to these disorders.

The goal of speech therapy is to help the child or adolescent function as well as possible in their everyday life. Speech therapists utilize communication methods that support speech or replace the need for speech, and use various communication aids.

Children and adolescents are directed to a speech therapist's evaluation based on a physician’s referral. If speech therapy rehabilitation is recommended for a child, it is usually carried out in another location, in primary health care or as medical rehabilitation for persons with severe disabilities funded by Kela. 


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