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Rare Diseases Center, New Children's Hospital

In the HUS Rare Diseases Center, we promote the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of rare diseases.

The purpose of the Rare Diseases Center is to organize the overall treatment of rare diseases in the HUS area so that HUS can offer as extensive and uniform services as possible to the patients with a rare diseases. 

The actual treatment of patients with a rare disease is organized by the different hospitals, specialties, and units of the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS). If necessary, we will help in finding the correct treatment unit for child and adult patients. Our unit does not have its own clinic operations. 

Our unit may be consulted in cases where a patient has a very rare collection of symptoms or findings without a diagnosis and the symptoms do not appear to be purely functional. We will assess the referral and direct it to the expert best suited to address the symptoms.

We cooperate with other university hospitals, EU-level reference networks for rare diseases, and different patient organizations. Important partner institutions of the Center include organizations like the Rare Diseases Working Group of Finland's Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, and municipal social welfare departments. 

We strive to promote the research and education on rare diseases and the introduction of new diagnostic methods.


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