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Physiotherapists, New Children's Hospital

  • physiotherapy
  • pediatric examination
  • musculoskeletal disorders

In the physiotherapy unit at New Children's Hospital, we treat children and adolescents who are in need of physiotherapy, as assessed by a physician. 

Lasten fysioterapia

The physiotherapists can assess how children of different ages develop in their mobility, or how an injury or illness affects the child’s mobility and ability to function. Physiotherapists also participate in the rehabilitation of children who are being treated in the hospital. We also assess the need for assistive devices for mobility and sports. Our goal is to support children and adolescents in retaining and developing their mobility and ability to function, and to make it easy for skills trained in physiotherapy to be transferred into the everyday life in the child’s or adolescent’s own environment. 

We plan individual physiotherapeutic objectives together with the child or adolescent and their family, prepare a rehabilitation plan, and arrange the necessary further rehabilitation. Further rehabilitation is carried out in the child's or adolescent’s own operating environment or during an appointment with the physiotherapist in outpatient health care.

Treatment is offered based on a physician’s referral. 


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