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Pediatric ECMO center, New Children's Hospital

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Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Laakso at New Children's Hospital has the preparedness to provide ECMO therapy.

ECMO-keskus Uusi lastensairaala

We carry out ECMO transports from the Finnish intensive care units within the area of Turku–Tampere–Lappeenranta.

ECMO therapy is an intensive care method that we can consider for patients whose life-threatening respiratory or circulatory failure cannot be stabilized with standard intensive care support measures (e.g., ventilator therapy, medication to support circulation).

ECMO therapy lasts approximately 1–2 weeks. We provide treatment with a special heart-lung machine for a patient suffering from a critical, acute but temporary respiratory or circulatory failure. When the circulation of a critically ill patient is connected to an extracorporeal support system, the patient has the opportunity to heal from an immediate life-threatening illness.


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