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Occupational therapists, New Children's Hospital

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Occupational therapists at New Children's Hospital meet children who face challenges in their everyday activity and play due to an illness, injury, or an extensive developmental delay. 


The occupational therapist will assess the child’s play skills, fine and gross motor skills, visual motor skills, sensory processing, and how the child performs independently in everyday functions. The assessment may also focus on the upper arms and hands and supporting their functional capacity. The occupational therapist can also assess the need for any orthoses and assistive devices, and create individual orthoses if necessary. 
Based on the evaluation, we will work with the family to prepare a rehabilitation plan and plan the need for further follow-up.  

The child may benefit from rehabilitation through occupational therapy where we set rehabilitation goals together with the child and parents. The aim of the child’s occupational therapy is to support the child’s ability to function in whatever challenges were identified in the assessment. The occupational therapist can also provide valuable guidance for the parents and the child’s local support network. 

Appointments require a physician’s referral.


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