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New Children's Hospital MRI unit

  • Helsinki
  • New Children’s Hospital
  • pediatric examination

At the New Children's Hospital, we conduct children's MRI scans by appointment.  

You will be given an appointment for the examination and you will be informed of the appointment by letter. 

We conduct examinations for children aged 0–15 years who are customers of the HUS area health centers and hospitals.  

The New Children's Hospital MRI unit is located on the hospital’s K floor. Register at the self-registration kiosk in the main lobby or parking garage to receive instructions on how to get to the MRI unit. 

Register again at the self-registration kiosk in the MRI unit, so that we know you have arrived. 

Please note that emergency patients requiring urgent care will be taken to imaging first, so other patients may need to wait.  

Please remember to fill in the patient history form 

Before you arrive for your MRI, remember to fill in the patient history form. Please refer to your appointment letter for more information. 


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