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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Saari, Women's Hospital

  • intensive care unit
  • newborn
  • premature infant

In the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Saari at Women's Hospital, we treat premature babies and full-term infants in need of intensive care.

Vastasyntyneiden teho-osasto Saari

Our ward has round-the-clock preparedness to receive newborns requiring intensive care. The most common causes for treatment are prematurity, respiratory difficulties, infections, complications in childbirth, malformations, neurological symptoms of the newborn, and problems of the newborn due to the mother's illness. 

A child's need for intensive care often comes as a surprise. Supporting early interaction and parenthood is of paramount importance in the intensive care of newborns. We will support and guide you according to your resources to participate in your child's care from the very beginning. 

As a rule, our ward has free visiting hours. 
After the intensive care phase, our patients will be transferred to a local hospital in their domicile, most often to the pediatric ward L2 at Jorvi Hospital. 


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