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Motion Laboratory, New Children's Hospital

  • New Children’s Hospital
  • pediatric neurology
  • pediatric orthopedics

In the Motion Laboratory, we perform gait analyses utilizing state of the art 3D movement analysis. We are also able to analyze and assess muscle activity, strength and range of motion, balance issues, and foot function.


Analysis of gait problems can be performed for children over the age of 5 who are able to move either independently or with the help of assistive devices.  
Our Motion Laboratory is unique as it is the only unit in Finland performing clinical 3D gait analysis. We serve around 100 patients every year. Approximately 85% of the patients analyzed in the Motion Laboratory have cerebral palsy. Other diagnoses of our patients include meningomyelocele, polyneuropathy, spastic paraplegia, idiopathic toe walking, clumsiness, scoliosis, or some other neuro-orthopedic diagnosis.  
Analysis in the Motion Laboratory requires a physician’s referral.