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Hospital clowns

  • New Children’s Hospital

Trained clown doctors from the Sairaalaklovnit ry (Hospital Clowns Association) delight child patients in the clinics and on the wards at New Children's Hospital.

Sairaalaklovni ja poika

Hospital clowns take the thoughts of the child and family away from the hospital environment with their silliness, cheerful activities, songs, and magic tricks. Hospital clowns always work on the terms of the child and the family, and in cooperation with the hospital personnel. 

In the Surgery and Anesthesia Unit, hospital clown activities include clownery with a purpose to prepare the child and family for the procedures to be performed and to assist them in the uneasy and distressing situation. The presence of clowns prior to surgery has been found to reduce the amount of pain experienced by the child. Recovery from surgery is also faster when it is possible to reduce premedication.