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Day Hospital and Outpatient Clinic Taika, New Children's Hospital

  • New Children’s Hospital
  • pediatrics
  • hematology

In addition to the day hospital activities, Day Hospital and Outpatient Clinic Taika has a procedural unit, hematological outpatient clinic with physicians and nurses, and outpatient clinics for pediatric kidney and liver disease and transplantations with physicians and nurses.

Päiväsairaala Taika

Contacting us

We treat patients from all over Finland. 

The Day Hospital treats patients in need of various medical infusions, medications, cytostatic therapy, and blood product transfusions. Under general anesthesia, we perform bone marrow biopsies, joint aspirations and injections for arthritis, and remove central venous catheters. We also provide general anesthesia for other units; for example, we anesthetize children for the duration of medical imaging. Annual follow-ups of organ transplant patients are conducted in the Day Hospital. 

Patient meals in day activities 

If necessary, we will provide patients with a snack. 

If your child has a less common special diet, please bring your own lunch or contact Day Hospital and Outpatient Clinic Taika one week prior to your arrival.


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