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Meilahti Triangle Hospital

Haartmaninkatu 4, Helsinki
09 4717 2432
09 4711

Meilahti Triangle Hospital is part of HUS Helsinki University Hospital. On the hospital inpatient wards, we treat patients in the specialty fields of cardiology, neurology, infectious diseases, hematology, and internal diseases, as well as liver and transplantation surgery. There is also an emergency ward in the hospital.


The hospital also has a short-stay emergency ward offering short-term inpatient emergency treatment of 48 hours or less after which the patient is discharged home or for further treatment to another facility

Stem cell transplantation procedures and the consultation service for systemic rheumatic diseases have been nationally centralized in Finland to Meilahti Triangle Hospital. The hospital has outpatient clinics in several specialty fields, as well as activities supporting research and treatment, such as laboratory and imaging services, Coagulation Disorder Unit, Dialysis Center Delta, and Dialysis Teaching Center.

The hospital works closely with the adjacent Meilahti Tower Hospital, and the hospitals share a common main entrance. The Meilahti Triangle Hospital is located to the left after coming in through the Meilahti Tower Hospital entrance.


Ward K4A Neurology, Meilahti Triangle Hospital

Ward K4A at Meilahti Triangle Hospital is a neurological inpatient ward where the testing of invasive treatments and the initiation of treatment of severe…

Ward K4B, Infectious Diseases and Rheumatology, Meilahti Triangle Hospital

On Ward K4B for Infectious Diseases and Rheumatology at the Meilahti Triangle Hospital, we treat severe and acute cases of infectious diseases. We also…

Dialysis Unit Delta, Meilahti Triangle Hospital

At Dialysis Unit Delta, we treat patients with acute renal failure, severe cases of poisoning, patients in need of plasma exchange therapy, and chronic…

5A Transplantation and liver surgery, pancreatic and gastric surgery, Meilahti Triangle Hospital

The treatment of liver and intestinal transplant patients and patients requiring demanding liver surgery have been nationally centralized on Ward 5A. In…