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Ward 7A Hematology, Meilahti Triangle Hospital

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Ward 7A for hematology is located at Meilahti Triangle Hospital. Patients referred for treatment on our ward are usually adult patients who have fallen ill suddenly. The most common diagnoses include various forms of acute leukemia, lymphomas, and myeloma.


Most of our patients receive cytotoxic drug therapy lasting 1–9 days, as well as supportive therapies required by the treatment and disease. The average stay on our ward is approximately 12 days, but the length of treatment periods varies from a few days to 5–6 weeks. The majority of our patients receive cytotoxic drug therapy or treatment for an infection caused by cytopenia after the therapy.

Our cytopenic patients are are kept in protective isolation on the ward. Complicated infections are treated in isolation rooms with a single bed.

Our ward also houses a follow-up outpatient clinic and home care clinic for leukemia patients.


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