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Physiotherapists, Meilahti Tower Hospital

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  • Tower Hospital
  • Meilahti Triangle Hospital

In the physiotherapy unit at Meilahti Tower Hospital and Triangle Hospital, we provide physiotherapy services to the inpatient wards and outpatient clinics of the two hospitals. We also manage other physiotherapy units in the various hospitals and locations in the Meilahti area.

Physiotherapy is based on the knowledge of the conditions of health, mobility and functional capacity, and the best information available. Our physiotherapy is initiated with an examination and assessment of the patient's mobility and functional capacity. After this, we draw up objectives and plans to promote the patient’s functional capacity and mobility in cooperation with the patient. Our methods include guidance and counselling to promote health and functional capacity, therapeutic exercises, manual and physical therapy, assessment of the need for assistive devices and guidance in their use, and assessment of the need for further rehabilitation. If necessary, we will refer the patient to further rehabilitation.

Meilahti Hospital's physiotherapy unit offers services at the following locations, targeted at patients in different specialties:  

  • In the inpatient wards and outpatient clinics of Meilahti Tower and Triangle Hospitals
  • In the Skin and Allergy Hospital
  • In the Pain Clinic
  • In the Surgical Hospital in the specialty of ear, nose and throat diseases
  • In Synapsia building
  • In the Women's Hospital 
  • In the Neurology Rehabilitation Clinic
  • In the Eye and Ear Hospital’s specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • In the Eye Diseases Rehabilitation Clinic
  • In the Department of Oncology
  • In the Emergency Departments at Malmi and Haartman Hospitals


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