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Coagulation Disorder Unit, Meilahti Triangle Hospital

  • Meilahti Triangle Hospital
  • coagulation disorders

The Coagulation Disorder Unit specializes in making comprehensive evaluations of bleeding and thrombophilia conditions by combining laboratory data with the current clinical situation.


Our duties include early identification of coagulation disorders and the development of diagnostics, treatment, and monitoring. Our unit caters to several specialist fields. Our core functions are consultation and patient advice.

The most common consultations we handle are:

  •  treatment of blood clots and bleeding disorders, with laboratory monitoring
  •  blood clots manifesting despite traditional medication
  •  preventing blood clots
  •  preparing patients with severe bleeding disorders or thrombophilia disorders for procedures 
  •  problems of patients with congenital bleeding disorders

We organize monitoring for patients with severe thrombophilia or bleeding disorders (e.g. hemophilia or von Willebrand’s disease). Bringing laboratory services and clinical activities closer together allow examinations, results interpretation, and development of the test offering to be better focused.



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