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5A Transplantation and liver surgery, pancreatic and gastric surgery, Meilahti Triangle Hospital

The treatment of liver and intestinal transplant patients and patients requiring demanding liver surgery have been nationally centralized on Ward 5A. In addition, we treat gastroenterological patients in a specific patient group. We also treat pancreatic and gastric surgery patients.

Hoitajat käytävällä Vatsakeskuksessa.

Opening hours and contact information

Visiting hours

On the ward, we carry out various liver or biliary surgery, pancreatic and upper abdominal surgery and radiological procedures and examinations, such as hepatic resection, endometrial ablation and pancreatectomy, and TCE treatment, in which you inject a cytotoxic drug directly into the arteries feeding the liver tumor.

We are open 24 hours a day. As a rule, you will arrive for surgery through the LEIKO unit, i.e. the Into Surgery from Home unit. Patients arriving on the ward for examinations can overnight at the patient hotel.

Please also note that flowers are not allowed on the ward.


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