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Pulmonary and Esophageal Surgery Ward M11, Meilahti Tower Hospital

  • pulmonary diseases
  • pulmonary surgery
  • general thoracic and esophageal surgery

On the Pulmonary and Esophageal Surgery Ward at Meilahti Tower Hospital, we treat patients with benign or malignant diseases of the lungs, esophagus, trachea, mediastinum, or chest wall. 

Our Pulmonary and Esophageal Surgery Ward M11 operating in the Heart and Lung Center is the leading national center and developer in its field in Finland.

Some of our patients are admitted for a planned procedure or surgery, and others are admitted through the Emergency Department. The age of the patients varies from young adults to elderly people. The treatment periods vary in length from a few days to weeks. Our ward has 24 patient beds.

The patient referrals to lung and esophagus surgery are processed in cooperation between the contact nurse and a cardiothoracic surgeon. The surgeon will assess the urgency of your referral and provide operating procedures. Certain patients will only need outpatient care, an appointment with a physician, a small procedure, or a paper consultation, while some patients will require surgery or a procedure, which requires them to stay at the ward.

Patients who will be coming to our ward for surgery are often called to an appointment at the outpatient clinic. At this time, you will meet a nurse, a physiotherapist, the operating surgeon, and the anesthesiologist. During this visit, you will receive instructions on how to prepare for surgery.


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