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Coronary Care Unit CCU, Meilahti Tower Hospital

  • heart diseases
  • cardiology
  • monitoring

The Coronary Care Unit CCU at Meilahti Tower Hospital is a monitoring ward that provides intensive monitoring of vital functions due to an acute cardiac illness, such as a coronary attack.

Our patients are in the care of our team specialized in acute heart diseases. Our philosophy of nursing is guided by the principle of equality of people and the individual encounter between the patient and their next of kin.

The average stay on our ward is 1–2 days. From our ward, you will transfer for further treatment, for example, to a general inpatient ward, a local hospital, a surgical ward, or an intensive care unit. Our ward provides emergency care, and we co-operate actively with prehospital emergency care, the Cardiac Unit, emergency clinic, surgical unit, intensive care units, general inpatient wards, other hospitals, and patient transport services.

To ensure our patients receive the treatment and rest they need to recover, we kindly ask visitors to keep their visits short. Please do not bring flowers or use fragrances when visiting. Due to the nature of the unit, use of mobile phones and other smart devices is prohibited.


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