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Cardiac Unit, Meilahti Tower Hospital

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The Cardiac Unit at Meilahti Tower Hospital is a treatment unit that performs both invasive and non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Our unit has facilities in three hospitals: Meilahti, Jorvi, and Peijas.

The Meilahti Cardiac Unit is the largest and most extensive of our units. There are six treatment rooms for invasive procedures, two rooms for echocardiography, and one room for gamma imaging.

Thanks to its cardiological emergency services, the unit is prepared for operations around the clock. The unit does not have beds for overnight stays.

The most common invasive operations include:

  • coronary artery angiography
  • coronary balloon angioplasty
  • catheterization examination of valve defects 
  • pacemaker implantation  
  • catheterization examination and treatment of arrhythmia
  • myocardial biopsies.

 In addition, our non-invasive examinations include:

  • echocardiography
  • cardiac perfusion scans with a gamma camera.

You will primarily arrive at the unit for treatment after being assessed by specialists in the outpatient clinics, cardiological units, coronary care units, or other hospitals or departments in Southern Finland. A significant proportion of examinations are implemented on an outpatient basis.


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