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Ambulatory Surgery Unit, Meilahti Tower Hospital

  • Meilahti Tower Hospital
  • gastroenterology
  • vascular surgery

We treat patients in the Ambulatory Surgery Unit on the 3rd floor of Meilahti Tower Hospital.

Our unit operates under the HUS Abdominal Center's Joint Ward M13, where we treat patients arriving based on referrals from various specialties, such as gastroenterology, cardiac surgery, thoracic surgery, vascular surgery, and urology.

You can prepare for the procedure at home according to the instructions we have provided you in advance. Please arrive at the unit at the agreed time. After preparations for the procedure, you will wait to be taken for your examination or procedure. We will monitor your condition before and after the procedure. After the monitoring period, you will either be discharged or transferred to an inpatient ward. ​Please note that after the procedure or examination, you may not be able to drive.

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Two or three nurses at a time work in our unit and we have ten patient beds. A nurse will admit you, take care of your medication, prepare you for the procedure, and will also monitor you after the procedure.  In addition, our nurses will instruct you on how to independently carry out treatment measures. We work in close cooperation with other units, such as the endoscopy unit and X-ray unit. You will come to the day unit through the referral center, on the basis of an appointment at the outpatient clinic.  

From our unit, you will be transferred to an inpatient ward for further treatment.



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