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Urology Outpatient Clinic, Lohja Hospital

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At the Urology Outpatient Clinic at Lohja Hospital, we treat prostate cancer or suspected cases of prostate cancer, bladder cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and urinary disorders.

Hoitaja ohjeistaa potilasta vastaanotolla

Our Urology Outpatient Clinic is a referral clinic. The outpatient clinic’s referrals come from health centers in the area, private and occupational health physicians, other hospitals and other departments of Lohja Hospital. At the outpatient clinic, we treat patients in need of specialist medical examination and care.

Our outpatient clinic has two urologists, a nurse/urotherapist and a ward secretary. Depending on your illness, after the examinations and procedures conducted at the outpatient clinic, we will place you on the waiting list for surgery or arrange a follow-up appointment at the Urology Outpatient Clinic. When you are no longer in need of specialist medical care, follow-up treatment is provided by a health center or, if you wish, by an occupational health care physician, or a private physician.


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