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Plastic Surgery Outpatient Clinic, Lohja Hospital

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At the Plastic Surgery Outpatient Clinic at Lohja Hospital, we treat various skin cancers and chronic wounds, such as pressure and leg ulcers and ischemic diabetic lower limb ulcers.

There is one plastic surgeon at Lohja Hospital. Nurses with experience in the field work in all the units – the ward, operating room and outpatient clinic. We work in cooperation with the Helsinki University Hospital plastic surgery and vascular surgery outpatient clinics.

We also have a wound outpatient clinic where we follow-up and treat problematic wounds. In the treatment of wound patients, we work in tight cooperation with health centers. The patients arrive at the clinic on the basis of referral.

In our unit, we also perform breast reductions and corrective surgery after cancer surgery and weight-loss surgery. If necessary, we also perform various corrective surgeries for scars, eyelids and protruding ears, if there are medical reasons for them. Plastic surgery is often also required for the treatment of wounds and infections after various surgeries and accidents. We treat small burn injuries in Lohja, but the treatment of extensive, deep burn injuries is centralized in the Helsinki University Hospital burn unit at Töölö Hospital.

No esthetic corrective surgery is performed in public health care hospitals. All care is based on medical knowledge and general recommendations (Current Care Guidelines, indications for non-urgent care by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health).

Nearly all surgical patients arrive at the hospital on the morning of the surgery through the Leiko unit. Patients requiring care at an inpatient ward are transferred to Surgical Inpatient Ward 3. We are performing more and more procedures as day surgery and at the Surgery Outpatient Clinic.


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