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Labor Ward 2S, Lohja Hospital

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Lohja Hospital
Sairaalatie 8

Entrance A, 2nd floor

Postal address

P.O. Box 1010
00029 HUS
We are open 24 hours a day. Please call us before you are coming to deliver your baby.

In the Maternity Unit of Lohja Hospital, we offer individual, high-quality care that is based on the wishes of the women giving birth, and is family oriented. We follow WHO’s and UNICEF’s Baby-Friendly Initiative. Lohja Hospital has been awarded the Baby-Friendly Hospital certificates in 2015 and 2021. 

Äiti, isä ja kätilö ammesynnytyksessä

In our hospital, the pregnancy week limit for childbirth is 35+0. You are welcome to deliver your baby at our hospital from all regions of Finland. 

Our goal is to ensure safe childbirth and a good delivery experience for the whole family. In our small and cozy delivery unit, we serve you with warmth and a big heart. Over 1,000 babies are born at Lohja Hospital every year.

During childbirth, it is possible to choose from many nonpharmacologic and pharmacologic pain management methods. At Lohja Hospital, we offer the possibility for water birth, as all our delivery rooms are equipped with birthing pools. In the Labor Ward, we perform both elective and emergency Cesarean sections. After surgery, the family has the possibility of skin to skin contact with the newborn and spending time as a family together in the recovery room.

For each family, individual guidance and counseling is provided on the basis of the family’s needs. After giving birth, our cozy inpatient ward provides the opportunity to have a family room where the parents can get to know their new family member in peace and quiet. We offer women who have previously given birth, the opportunity for outpatient delivery or an early discharge from the hospital. In connection with the Maternity Unit, there is a Neonatal Monitoring Unit, where we care for babies requiring observation.

In addition to the nursing staff, our unit also has a gynecologist, an anesthesiologist and a pediatrician around the clock.

Free customer parking is available at Lohja Hospital. The parking lot offers 24-hour parking and 4-hour disc-parking spaces. In addition, there are also four parking spaces reserved for families arriving to give birth.

Thank you for not using perfumes in our premises.



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