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Enhanced Monitoring Ward, Lohja Hospital

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No visits allowed until further notice.

On the Enhanced Monitoring Ward of Lohja Hospital, we treat patients whose essential vital functions are impaired or under threat of being impaired.

On the ward, we treat respiratory insufficiency and arrhythmia patients, as well as patients in need of enhanced monitoring and care after surgery. Most of the patients arriving on the ward come from the emergency clinic. We monitor the patient continuously and maintain his/her vital functions with special equipment, if necessary. When the patient is doing better, care will usually be continued on an inpatient ward.

Information for relatives/family members

Under enhanced monitoring, each patient has a primary nurse who is responsible for the care of your relative/family member during his/her shift together with the ward’s physician and the rest of the care team. We follow the patient’s wishes regarding who may be provided information on the patient, usually his or her next of kin. In order to ensure fluent communications and ward operation, we hope that one of the family members would be selected as a contact person who would take care of communications with the ward and then transfer information to other family members. The primary nurse will respond to inquiries at all times.

You can reach the Senior Ward Physician on weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. At other times, the on-call anesthesiologist at the hospital is in charge of treating your family member. If necessary, we will arrange for you to discuss the treatment of your family member/relative with the physician in charge of treating him or her.

We hope you will adhere to short visiting times (10–15 min), preferably only a few visitors at a time. In this way, we guarantee your relative/family member the rest required by their condition and the most peaceful care environment for all patients.


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