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Kellokoski Hospital Museum

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Opening hours and contact information

Visiting address

Vanha valtatie 198

Building 9

Postal address

PL 198
00029 HUS

Opening hours

Opening hours 21.–28.5 Sat 11–17, 2.6.–16.7 Thu, Sat–Sun 11–17, 19.–31.7.Tue–Sun 11–17, 13.8 Sat 11–17. On Midsummer 26th June closed. In the summer season admission is free. In the winter season, the museum is only open by appointment (guided tour €80).

Museum reservations

Visitor groups: Harri Nyman, Tuusula Museum

Phone, Visitor groups: Harri Nyman, Tuusula Museum: 040 314 3474

Psychiatry teaching and training groups: Timo Laaksonen, Clinical Teacher, HUS Psychiatry

Phone, Psychiatry teaching and training groups: Timo Laaksonen, Clinical Teacher, HUS Psychiatry: 040 579 9643

Kellokoski Hospital Museum operates in a blue wooden house in the courtyard of Kellokoski Hospital, in the immediate vicinity of the palatial manor house.

In the museum, you can explore the history of Kellokoski Hospital and the unique coexistence of the hospital and the surrounding village community. In addition, the exhibition focuses on the treatment forms used in psychiatric care at different times, the operation of the hospital during the war years, and the stories of the hospital’s patients and staff.

The HUS Museum Committee redesigned the permanent exhibition of the Hospital Museum in cooperation with the Tuusula Museum in spring 2019. The museum is owned by HUS and the Tuusula Museum acts as a partner in keeping the museum open for visitors. The hospital museum displays the hospital’s old artefacts, such as lobotomy instruments and equipment used in shock treatments, as well as items and artwork made by the patients in occupational therapy.