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Kellokoski Hospital

Ohkolantie 10, Kellokoski
09 27161
050 427 7066

Visiting address

Kellokoski Hospital
Ohkolantie 10

Postal address

P.O. Box 198
00029 HUS
Open 24 hours a day. Detailed contact information and visiting hours are available on the page of each ward and unit.

Kellokoski Hospital is a psychiatric hospital operating in the Ohkola building.

In 2015, we set up a unit of enhanced inpatient care and forensic psychiatry (TEOPSY) at Kellokoski Hospital as part of the HUS Psychiatry division for psychoses and forensic psychiatry. TEOPSY includes six closed wards and one open ward and a forensic psychiatry outpatient clinic in the Aurora Hospital Area in Helsinki. TEOPSY has a total of 120 inpatient beds located in the Ohkola hospital building near Kellokoski village.

On our wards, we treat forensic psychiatry patients whose sentence has been waived due to lack of criminal responsibility by reason of insanity and who have been committed to treatment by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) from the Helsinki University Hospital Specific Catchment Area comprising a population of nearly two million. We also treat patients with a history of challenging psychosis problematics associated with violence, self-destruction, and prolonged psychosis. On our wards, we also conduct psychiatric assessments of criminal offenders and violence risk assessments as ordered by the courts.

At our Forensic Psychiatry Clinic, we offer an outpatient contact for forensic psychiatry patients in involuntary outpatient treatment and also for other exceptionally challenging patients in outpatient care.

What the unit’s patients have in common regardless of whether they have been committed to forensic psychiatric treatment by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare or have difficult-to-manage symptoms, are psychotic tendencies often associated with a personality disorder, such as sociopathy or instability, and substance abuse. This requires clinical skills serving all patients, an understanding of the law, and structural frameworks that take into account both safety and therapeutic needs.



Ward P10, Kellokoski Hospital

Kellokoski Hospital’s Ward P10 is a forensic psychiatric examination and treatment ward for providing stabilizing treatment.

Ward P20

Kellokoski Hospital’s Ward P20 provides stabilizing treatment.

Ward P30, Kellokoski Hospital

Kellokoski Hospital’s Ward P30 provides forensic rehabilitative care.

Ward P40

Kellokoski Hospital’s Ward P40 is a psychiatric ward for providing stabilizing treatment.