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Neonatal Appointments L2, Jorvi Hospital

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On Jorvi Hospital’s Neonatal Appointments L2, we treat children under the age of 1.

Vastasyntyneiden vastaanotto

On Neonatal Appointments L2, we monitor the growth and development of children under the age of 1 who have been referred to our care from the neonatal ward, the maternity ward, or the child health clinic (neuvola). Small premature babies visit our neonatal clinic for follow-ups with an ophthalmologist. At our clinic, we also provide instructions on baby care (such as breastfeeding) and administer BCG vaccinations to newborns at increased risk of infection with tuberculosis.

We will send the appointment time to your home address by letter approximately 2–4 weeks before the appointment. Please bring the child’s health clinic card (neuvolakortti) with you to the appointment. Please reserve sufficient time for possible laboratory tests, X-ray imaging, and ultrasound examinations.  


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