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Maternity Ward N6B (Family Nest), Jorvi Hospital

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On Jorvi Hospital maternity ward N6B, we treat women who have given birth and their newborns after childbirth. We also provide guidance on caring for the baby, breastfeeding, and the mother’s recovery.

After childbirth, you will be transferred to the maternity ward. In Espoo, women who have given birth will be provided a bed either in Espoo Hospital or Jorvi Hospital, on a maternity ward.

In Espoo Hospital, all patient rooms are single rooms; so-called family rooms. A birth partner or support person can stay with you in the family room. In Jorvi Hospital, some of the rooms are shared rooms for several persons. In most cases, these rooms are occupied by mothers who will be discharged during a short period of time, as well as mothers who have given birth before. In both hospitals, we plan your care in accordance with your family’s needs.

We also offer appointments on our ward for postpartum women who have been discharged previously. The Jorvi Maternity Outpatient Clinic is also located in the vicinity of the ward.

We are committed to the Baby-Friendly Initiative of WHO and UNICEF.


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