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Appointments for postpartum women, Jorvi Hospital

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At the Jorvi Hospital appointments for those who have given birth, we provide advice and guidance to the families with newborns. We also make midwife's house calls at the homes of the families.

Upon your discharge, we will make an appointment for you and your baby either in the maternity hospital or with a midwife making house calls, if your baby needs a follow-up appointment during the first two weeks of life, for example, due to early discharge from the ward, jaundice, weight monitoring, or a hearing test. We can also make an appointment if you need guidance on breastfeeding or reducing the use of complementary milk. We also arrange pediatrician's appointments for newborns that have been discharged at an age of less than 24 hours. 

If you have any questions after your discharge, please call the maternity ward that discharged you. 

Midwife's house call

We make midwife's house calls to visit families discharged from the maternity wards and living in the Helsinki metropolitan area and Kirkkonummi. A midwife's house call is an alternative to an appointment at the hospital. We will arrange the midwife's house call with you at the hospital. Our house-call midwife weighs the baby, measures jaundice with a skin meter, conducts a hearing test on the baby if necessary, and may take a screening sample for metabolic diseases. Our midwife can also give breastfeeding guidance. A house-call fee will be charged for the visit.


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