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Into surgery from home (LEIKO Unit) and surgery unit, Hyvinkää Hospital

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In the Hyvinkää Hospital LEIKO Unit and surgery unit, we treat patients from all age groups who arrive for a planned procedure or through the emergency services 24 hours a day.

Surgery schedulers

On the day of the surgery, you will arrive directly from home to the LEIKO Unit at a predetermined time. Prior to the planned surgery, you will have undergone the necessary examinations and received preparatory instructions for the procedure. The nurse will call you before the day of the surgery to confirm the arrival time, preparation instructions, and home medication.

On the morning of the surgery, you will meet a secretary at the LEIKO Unit reception to check that your contact information is up to date. The nurse will then instruct you through the preparations for surgery and you will be assisted in changing into hospital clothes if necessary. If possible, you will also meet with the surgeon.

The nurse in the surgery unit will pick you up to the operating room. There you will be treated by the multi-professional surgical team. At the end of the surgery, we will transfer you to the recovery room to recover. If the surgery is planned as a day surgery procedure and the discharge criteria are met, you can be discharged on the same day if you have an escort to take you home. Please note that you need to have an adult person with you for the first 24 hours to ensure a safe recovery from surgery.

If your surgery requires hospitalization for an extended period, we will treat you on an inpatient ward after observation in the recovery room.

There are a few matters to consider before arriving for surgery

  • Please only take the agreed home medication on the morning of the surgery.

  • Observe the instruction to fast according to provided guidelines.

  • Please note the non-smoking instructions prior to surgery.

  • Leave all valuables, such as jewelry, watches, large sums of money etc. at home.

We perform over 7,000 procedures each year in 13 operating rooms. Treatment and daily care is provided by a large number of professionals from different fields.

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