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Pediatric Outpatient Clinic, Hyvinkää Hospital

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In the pediatric outpatient clinics of Hyvinkää Hospital, we conduct extensive treatment procedures and examinations in pediatric diseases, pediatric neurology and the specialties in pediatric surgery. Patients come to our clinics on a referral or via the Emergency Clinic.

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Our pediatricians treat and monitor asthma, allergies, diabetes, eating disorders, infectious diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, growth problems in children and adolescents, and the development of premature infants and newborns. At the Day Hospital, our activities include food and drug exposures related to allergies, as well as various infusions of pharmaceutical and blood products.

At the pediatric neurologist's appointment office and Day Center, we examine, treat and rehabilitate children with neurological disease or disability or suspicions of such conditions. The symptoms to be examined include various suspected seizures, epilepsy, headache, slow development at infant age, suspected early childhood autism, various developmental disorders and linguistic difficulties, abnormal movement and severe learning difficulties.

The pediatric surgeons treat and prepare surgical assessments for the most common pediatric surgical disorders, such as hernias, failure of a testis to descend, phimosis, and endoscopies. Outpatient treatments also include hip splint therapy, deformity of the feet and legs, pediatric fractures, and other minor procedures. In addition, pediatric surgeons perform emergency surgery on children during office hours.

Our nurses handle appointments related to asthma, diabetes, adolescent issues, epilepsy, headache, ADHD, babies and urological matters. In addition, the outpatient clinic also provides services of specialist workers such as physiotherapist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, clinical dietitian, psychologist, social worker, constipation and enuresis nurse and rehabilitation instructor. 

Our unit values a focus on families and the continuity of care relationships. In assessing the situation and planning further rehabilitation, cooperation with municipal health care providers, day care and the school is important.


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