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Pediatric Inpatient Ward, Hyvinkää Hospital

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On the Pediatric Inpatient Ward of Hyvinkää Hospital, we treat children and adolescents aged 0–15 who need specialist medical care.

Hyvinkään sairaalan lasten- ja nuorten osasto

The Pediatric Inpatient Ward for children and adolescents operates 24 hours a day. Our ward is located on the 1st floor of building H. Parents and siblings are allowed to be on the ward without any time restrictions, and parents can also stay overnight with their child. Visits by other guests are agreed upon together with the family.

Children and adolescents are admitted on the ward for treatment from the Pediatric Emergency Department, and newborns from the maternity ward. Premature babies are admitted to the ward for further treatment from other HUS hospitals.

We provide treatment for acute infections requiring hospitalization, such as pneumonia, obstructive respiratory infection, febrile urinary tract infection or an illness with diarrhea and vomiting requiring fluid therapy. We also treat neonatal infections and other postnatal problems, such as low blood glucose level, jaundice or respiratory distress, and provide high-quality further care for growing premature babies. In addition, we take care of good initial treatment of children and adolescents with diabetes, and help in finding a good diabetic control in their treatment.

We have strong expertise in the treatment of surgical injuries or other diseases requiring surgical treatment, as well as diagnosing and treating various neurological symptoms. In addition, we carry out various sleep studies, ultrasound examinations, X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging as well as ambulatory monitoring examinations.

The average stay on the ward is three days.

Core values of the Pediatric Inpatient Ward include a focus on children and families. We work on the basis of individual needs of all families, with a modern, heartfelt and confidential approach. A positive attitude, a comprehensive and multi-professional responsibility for care, and a treatment plan created together between the medical staff and the family are the foundation of our work.



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