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Outpatient clinic for plastic, breast and venous surgery, Hyvinkää Hospital

  • plastic surgery
  • breast surgery
  • venous surgery

At Hyvinkää Hospital's plastic and breast surgery outpatient clinic, we make assessments of the need for surgical treatment, and perform postoperative examinations as well as procedures under local anesthesia. Our outpatient clinic also has a wound nurse's office.

You will come to the outpatient clinic with a referral from outpatient health care (health center, occupational health care, private physician), or another specialty in the hospital. In urgent cases, you will be admitted for treatment through the emergency department.

Plastic and breast surgery

At the plastic surgery outpatient clinic, we treat skin and soft tissue tumors, chronic and traumatic wounds, skin and soft tissue infections, scar problems and body changes causing functional difficulties, such as loose skin on the stomach after a significant weight loss.

At the outpatient clinic for breast surgery, we treat breast cancer patients as well as benign breast tumors and inflammatory changes in patients' breasts. If necessary, we perform breast MRI, mammography and ultrasound examinations and take additional samples in connection with these. We work closely with the oncology, radiology and pathology units. We treat our patients in collaboration with plastic surgeons, if necessary, by using oncoplastic, i.e. plastic surgery methods and corrective breast reconstruction surgery.

Based on a referral, we may request imaging studies or other additional examinations. We ask the referring unit to take at least a tissue sample from the skin tumor, so that we can plan correctly timed treatment already on the basis of the referral. Sometimes, based on the referral, the patient is urgently referred directly to Helsinki University Hospital for further examination and treatment.

As a rule, you will arrive for surgery through the LEIKO Unit on the morning of the day of surgery. The length of postoperative care on the inpatient ward depends on the illness being treated and the patient’s general condition. Some of the surgeries we can perform as ambulatory surgery procedures, i.e. you will be discharged on the same day. 

Venous surgery

At the outpatient clinic, we offer the varicose vein patient all the modern diagnostics, including careful Doppler duplex ultrasound examination. Venous diseases are treated in HUS according to uniform treatment practices. At appointments, we can perform foam sclerotherapy procedures. Primary laser and catheter radiofrequency therapy is performed either in the operating room or in the outpatient surgery unit. We rarely do vein removals anymore. If necessary, such procedures are performed in the operating room.


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