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Neurology and Internal Medicine Ward, Respiratory Paralysis Unit, Hyvinkää Hospital

  • neurology
  • internal medicine
  • Hyvinkää Hospital

On the Neurology and Internal Medicine Ward of Hyvinkää Hospital, we treat patients with a stroke, cerebral infarction, multiple sclerosis or epilepsy, and internal medicine patients.

Patients may have a variety of simultaneous rehabilitation needs requiring a wide range of expertise and cooperation between physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and the nursing staff among others.

Patients arrive on the ward from the Emergency Clinic, as hospital transfers from the neurology clinic, from Töölö Hospital or from the Neurology Outpatient Clinic as agreed, and from other hospital districts. The Neurology and Internal Medicine Ward is located on the 4th floor of building section B.

Respiratory Paralysis Unit

Our ward also has a Respiratory Paralysis Unit, and the Pulmonary Disease Division is responsible for the unit’s operation both at the hospital and at home. There are 1–3 patient beds in the unit. The Head Physician of Pulmonary Diseases is in charge of the unit’s operation, the patients’ medication and overall treatment. The unit employs its own care team, and there is a nurse coordinator who as an expert nurse, together with the physicians in charge, ensures implementation of good care. Respiratory paralysis can be caused by several different diseases. As a rule, there is an underlying neurological disease or a serious injury.


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